About ​Me

Joanne Simon Tailele

I am a mid-west girl from Youngstown Ohio, and wrote my first short story at the age of ten in blue colored pencil. For most of my life, writing was private, for my own enjoyment and therapy as piles of short stories and poems accumulated in a fire-proof metal box.
I practiced real estate; in three separate states, Ohio, Virginia and Florida. I was awarded the “Rookie of the Year Award” my first year in the business and continued a successful twenty-five year career until my retirement at the end of 2014.
I originated and wrote the book review column, “Book Remarks” for the Coastal Breeze Newspaper for thirteen months. I published my first novel, ACCIDENT, in 2012 and my second novel, TOWN WTIHOUT MERCY, in 2013. I  usually write contemporary women’s fiction which pose moral questions to my readers. In 2015, I wrote the children's story, WHAT IS FAMILY? for my yet-to-be born 10th grandchild. 

June 12, 2015, the biography of Mari-Rae Sopper, WITHIN HER GRASP.  was launched.

2016 brought Re-homing Pigeon, a touching struggle of international adoption.
I am the past-president and current secretary of Marco Island Writers Inc. and ghostwrites for Jacobs Writing Consultants, LLC. When not writing, I enjoy life with my husband from out beachfront condo, golf, and traveling to four states to visit our nine grandchildren

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