I am an author. It has taken me a long time to be able to say that.  I have been a writer since I was ten years old, but writing commercially took sixty years. My first public work was a book review column I did for our local newspaper. Next I tackled a novel. My first, Accident, took two and a half years to edit and was published in 2012. Town Without Mercy was published in 2014  My children's book, What is Family? was written for my yet-to-be-born 10th grandchild. The focus of my novels is mother-daughter stories. 

Launched June 19, 2015, Within Her Grasp, the biography of a gymnast, Mari-Rae Sopper, her pursuit of her dream and her tragic death on September 11, 2001.

My newest book, Rehoming Pigeon, released in March 2016, tells the story of international adoption that goes all wrong, how the children, Natalia and Nikolai, and the adoptive parents, Cecile and Armand Boudeaux, had to lose everything before they learned the new faces of family.

I had the pleasure to compile the pieces of Walter and Barbara Pienta's life into their memoir in 2017. If you are interested in WWII history, you will love this true story of resilience, love, and survival. Check out Journey Thru Hell to Paradise on Amazon or by clicking on the book above. 

In May-June, 2018, my brother and I took a trip to Europe to follow our roots to find our genetic origins in Sweden and Germany. I kept a journal during our trip and along with the many wonderful photos we took, I converted it into a  book, titled Chasing Our Roots ....and then some. 


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I have published several short stories in local papers and short stories in the Marco Island Writers  editions of their anthology books,  Southwest Florida Stories & Poems. Volume I, II, III, IV, V

In 2020, I opened my own Independent Publishing Company. I offer Author Services such as editing, publishing and cover design. Check out my new website at https://www.SimonPublishingLLC.com 

I also free-lance for Jacobs Writings Consultants as a proof-reader and ghostwriter. Click on the link to the right to learn more about

Jacobs Writing Consultants.  


Welcome to my website.  Come in and enjoy!


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