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                                                        Joanne Simon Tailele

A mother-daughter story. Susan Jennings, an alcoholic soccer-mom buries her secret in a bottle. When her addiction causes a fatal car accident, she is sentenced to ten years in a prison cell the size of her walk-in closet. She must first learn to stay alive behind the dangerous prison walls, and then face her addiction before she can try to win her teenage daughter's forgiveness.
Deanna Jennings is not interested in forgiving her mother. She relies heavily on her devout Christian grandparents to get her through the trauma of living as an amputee. Through them, she meets the handsome and charismatic pastor of their church, and despite the vast difference in age, Deanna is convinced the pastor has a romantic interest in her. 
When Susan discovers the pastor is now pursuing her daughter, she is determined to use any means necessary to be granted an early parole to save her daughter from the snares of the devil hiding behind the clergyman's collar.